Neeleeswaram, Archdiocese of Ernakulam-Angamaly
2012 - A Year of Abstenance from Alcohol..

The Parish has launched an annual drive aiming at complete abstention of alcohol from every families and individuals. The Vicar, Fr. Joy Ureth who, after lots of prayers and deliberations, is spearheading the movement takes special interest in visiting every houses and taking all the parisheners into confidence to to get rid of this evil for ever. The program was officially launched on 1st January 2012 after the midnight Mass by lighting a special lamp jointly by the heads of all the pious organisations of the parish.

The project is planned to achieve through a year-long multifaceted tasks and activities. Every family in the parish has been provided with a wall calender to be displayed at a prominent place at home which proclaims that “ we are a member of the Madhyavimuktha varsham program and we shall not drink, supply or encourage to use alcohol”. A blessed candle along with a printed prayer to be said after the family prayer are also supplied to the each families. Apart from these, two families each will be specially offered during every day\\\\\\\'s Holy Masses through out the year.

Though, this mega drive was viewed skeptically by many before launching, the support rendered so far from all sectors of people are overwhelming. Many people have already taken bold determinations that they will make sure that all the family gatherings henceforth will be alcohol free. No doubt, a great spiritual awakening is underway through out the parish under the shepherding of Fr. Joy Ureth supported by the dynamic team of other priests.